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Here are some photos of a sign I did for Maury's Deli. The complete sign is 40' x 4'. The above section is 16' x 4'. It is hand painted on aluminum Panels.

maury's deli outsid sign on
King's Pizza Sign

Above is a sign I did for Kings Pizza in Clinton, MA. It is a painted wood sign with vinyl lettering as well as real gold on top of the vinyl.

Below is a 1' x 2' magnet lettered like my last business card design. I also added regular size magnetic cards around it. These ads are great for bathroom stalls and many other applications.
Business Card Magnets and Jumbo Magnet
Grafton Fire Department  ad for Chicken BBQ
The above photo is a design I did for an ad for the Grafton Fire Department's 40th annual Chicken BBQ
Ron Jones Banner Design
Design for Red Neck Yacht Club Logo Design Prior to approval

Above is a photo of the design for the completed banner below

Red Neck Yacht Club Logo Design on a Banner
Disney Power of Ten Logo Design on a Banner

Above is a design I donated to the New England Power of Ten Charity Organization. The organization raises money for children with illnesses. The money is used to provide trips to Disney as well as other wishes a child may have. Each member strives to get donations of Ten Dollars from ten people. The event the banner was used for was for a showing of the movie "Cars 2". All ticket sales as well as proceeds from multiple raffles was given to the cause. The event raised a great amount of money for the kids!


Sign after installation


Design shown on computer for approval



This painting was requested by a friend--- It was given as a gift


Full OCR Sign


OCR Lower


OCR Upper

Below is a sign I made for a friend. She gave it as a gift to her friend Linda. It is hand painted on wood.

Linda's Bathroom Sign Hand Painted on Wood

Design for Memorial Day Signs

Here is the final result

Memorial Day Signs for Boylston


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