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-History written in the year of 2009-

-Update written January 2015 below this entry-

Hello, I'm Scott. I run a design company that I call SJL-FX. SJL being my initials and FX being an abbreviation for effects. I have about fifteen years of experience in the automotive/auto body field.

I worked at Kilcoyne Auto Body from 1996-2009. I did the majority of the paint operations from around 1999-2009. A lot of the paint work in the photos was done while working there.

In 2009 I became sensitized to some of the chemicals and can no longer hold a full time position in the industry. I am still able to airbrush and create custom effects with paint. Hardeners in the clear coat seem to be the worst for me to be around so I have others who take care of that part of the job for me. As long as I'm not in the environment for prolonged amount of times I seem to be fine.

In early 2000 I started "messing" around with airbrushing and such. I became very interested and started to offer it in addition to the traditional collision work that was offered at the shop. As time went on and I started learning more and becoming more skilled at the craft. I purchased a vinyl machine to create and cut my own masks. Until then I had to cut my masks out of tape. Cut fifty stars out of masking tape and it's pretty easy to justify the cost of the equipment and software. As I worked with the software I became very interested in learning to use it to the fullest extent. It turned into a full time hobby. I spent most of the time I was not working learning all the things I can do with the software and equipment. I purchased the cutter for paint masks but as I started to use it I realized how much more I could do with it. I started designing lettering for trucks, making custom stickers, etc.

Well, now that I can no longer work in the only industry I have experience in I am trying to put my self learned skills to work. I am currently learning web software so I can design web sites. I plan to continue doing vinyl lettering, logo design, etc. but I will be adding web design to the mix. So far it has been a hobby that generates only enough cash flow to offset the cost of equipment and materials. I am now trying to take it to the next level and turn a profit!

I hope to begin working full time for an advertising or marketing company in the near future but will always keep SJL-FX in operation.

Please let me know if there is anything I can design for you and I hope you enjoy your time at SJL-FX.com!!!

***Below entry UPDATED January 2015***

Hello and Thank You to my customers old and new as well as pottentialy new customers!!!

I have returned from my first "real vacation" since leaving the body shop. We took a family cruise out of Miami, FL to the Eastern Carribean on Carnival Glory. Our stops included Saint Maarten, San Jaun, and Grand Turk. Click on the link below to see some of the highlights of our trip.

Click here for a play by play of our trip with tons of photos and tips.

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